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Our new Fast-App online application form makes it convenient to apply, helps us determine if you qualify for academic scholarships and puts you one step closer to immersing yourself in a university dedicated to leading-edge technology.
For too long, technophiles like yourself have had to struggle in a society that doesn't fit them, but now everyone is starting to realize technology runs our world. UAT has created the ideal environment for you. We look at applicants holistically—here you're more than just a GPA. We look at those elements that make you unique, as an individual, to determine if you're a good candidate to excel at UAT.

Completing the easy, convenient UAT Fast-App brings you one step closer to finding your fit and beginning your future at UAT*.
*Please allow adequate time to complete this application in its entirety. UAT can only accept and process fully completed applications. Upon clicking submit, your application is remitted immediately to the University. Incomplete applications will not be processed and an error message will be generated. You will then receive an automated email to help guide you to resolution. Always feel free to call our Admissions Office at 1-800-658-5744 for assistance.
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Degree Interest

You may change your program later if you are undecided.

Select one of the two following options:

College entrance exams and High school graduation information:

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Prior college credit and degrees (Select all that apply)

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Complete and well-thought-out answers to our application questions along with your academic records will be determining factors in your acceptance. It is in your best interest not to skip application questions. Spell check is not provided on our UAT applications so please take extra care to look over your application for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting, as this will also be considered in the acceptance process.

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Signature and Transcript Authorization

* By checking the above box you have created an electronic signature as legally binding as your handwritten signature.

All applicants must supply the University with official proof of their high school diploma or GED certificate and/or college transcript as part of the application and admissions process. It is your responsibility to request transcripts and pay all fees associated with the acquisition of said transcripts from your previous educational institutions.

Transcript requests forms are available to help aid in this process. Please contact the university for an appropriate transcript request form.

PDF Downloads:

High School Transcript Request Form

College Transcript Request Form

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Be sure that you have filled out ALL of the information that applies to you before submitting the form.

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University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is pleased to provide you with additional information about the college and its programs. By hitting submit, you give us permission to use either direct-dialed, autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing to call or text you at the phone number you provided. Please note that such consent is not required to attend UAT.